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where to stay in rome for 3 days

This website contains affiliate links from websites such as Amazon.com, Booking.com, and Rentalcars.com. However, the crowds will be very light, so it may be worth it! St. Peter’s Basilica. The Vatican Museum gets very busy, and the first hour or so in the morning is the quietest time to visit. I love the book:Gattopardo” or in english:Leopard” bu Tomassi. Based on the three day itinerary above, we recommend you use the pass for free entry to the National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo, and then for the combined entry ticket to the Colosseum and Roman Forum. Today, pilgrims to Rome can be seen climbing the stairs on their knees, which is the only way you’re allowed to ascend. Following on from the Catacombs, you can continue your journey along the Appian Way should you so wish, to the tomb of Cecilia Metella and the Circus Maxentius, which are about another 10 – 15 minute walk along the Appian Way. We’ve written fairly extensively about our tours with these two companies in Rome, and I link to these reviews in the further reading section below to help you decide if these are going to be good options for you. Once you’re done with the Borghese Gallery, we recommend heading over the west side of the Gardens, towards the Piazza del Popolo. Bring Euros! 3 Days in Rome: The Perfect Rome Itinerary. Continuing our must-visit Rome highlights, our next stop in our wanders through Rome is the Trevi Fountain. The online version might be an better option for you in this regard, as long as it covers everywhere. Your e-mail will not be published or used for any other reason other than those outlined above. To do this, we store your data as outlined in our privacy policy. This is why we suggest you check timeslots before you buy the pass if Colosseum entry is important for you. For more options on getting online when travelling, check out our guide to getting online when travelling to help you figure out the best options. You can of course book tickets individually for some of these attractions which include skip the line access. As well as the beautiful frescoes and paintings. Click here to see our current giveaway and enter! Read more about us here. This will save you around €35. The very epicenter (or bullseye) of the historic area, filledwith hotels and restaurants, and churches everywhere. For meals in general, yes, in Europe generally lunch is a better time for a main meal as the prices for the lunch menus are usually much better value than the evening meals. A skip the line ticket is available with the recommend Omnia Rome & Vatican Pass, or you can book one individually online here. You can see their Tours from Home here. It’s cheaper to sit in the section on Corsia Agonale rather than on the main square. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Hi y’all! Is the Pristine Sistine still recommended for November or do you think crowds during regular hours at that time of year are not an issue? I tried going to the Vatican site and they still have not open booking for June, for now they have bookings available only til March. You’ll still have to go through security, but it will be a matter of minutes rather than hours. We would however always recommend buying skip the line tickets anyway – you can get them from Vatican website directly for the best price You will also definitely need to book your tickets in advance for the Coliseum as well, as that runs a timed entry system. From the Castel Sant’Angelo it’s a pleasant twenty minute walk along the banks of the river Tiber to the Piazza del Popolo. See their listings for Rome here. It’s my pleasure. See more here. There’s no transport included on this pass, or discounts on other attractions. Water: The water in the taps is safe to drink, although many locals prefer the taste of bottled water. I have been feeling overwhelmed. Your email address will not be published. Or are they not released yet? Internet: Internet access is widely available in the form of WiFi all around the city and in hotels and coffee shops, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting online. We’ve included where to stay in Rome, how to get around, and a fabulous 3 day Rome itinerary with an optional 4th day that will ensure you … The Metro (underground) runs frequently, but does not serve much of the historic center. As you can see, there’s a list of six attractions, of which you can choose two that you get free entry to with the card. The rest of Rome will wait. First day: see the ghetto (Jewish part of Rome) from Via delle Botteghe Oscure to Portico d'Ottavia and don't miss the Fontana delle Tartarughe.Then walk through Teatro Marcello and go to the Bocca della Verita’.Walk back to Piazza Venezia and go to Via dei Fori Imperiali.If you want you can go inside the Fori, otherwise just skip them and go straight to the Colosseo, at the end of the street. We are travelling with two kids. The itinerary we’re laid out is designed to be logical and easy to follow, so you won’t waste time getting from place to place. Discounted entry at attractions once you have used up your two free visits – this will be the concession rate, Discounted entry at over thirty other sights in Rome, including the Baths of Caracalla and Appia Way attractions, A 72 hour travelcard for Rome which covers all the major public transport, including buses, trams and metro, A detailed guidebook to Rome and map of the city, Decide which attractions you really want to visit based on the above itinerary, and any other research you have done, Check timeslot availability for the Colosseum on the, Make any walking tour reservations with either, Enjoy your trip to Rome knowing you’re not going to waste time in line for anything but, If you’re in Rome for a shorter amount of time, check out our guide to, We’ve taken a number of tours in Rome. Required fields are marked *. For us, the true value of  the Omnia Vatican and Rome Card isn’t the cost saving – even though it does offer that. I cannot stress enough how important these features are. ), we loved this. Do you know when they will allow visitors again? From the Castel Sant’Angelo, walk along the Via Della Conciliazione (Mussolini’s … You can also pick up local SIM cards if you have an unlocked phone. I love the 3day tour but will have to split the shortest day into 2 half day ( cruising in between) will be arriving to Rome early afternoon then on return my flight leaves late late that night any ideas ( I am staying near the Colessium so I was considering splitting that day up – would that work? Such a helpful post which I used for my recent trip! As these are not all the same price, to maximise your savings you want to try and use your free entry on the most expensive attractions. So eating a main meal at lunch time can definitely save you some money. Alternatively, if you wanted to do a guided tour, your tour company will arrange the time for you, although again, these need to be booked in advance. Now, lots of people go in the morning to “beat the crowds,” but the afternoons aren’t any better and at least the mornings are cool.Spend some time in the morning just walking around inside the city-state.Things to do: keep an eye out for the Swiss Guard, mail a letter from the V… This can be an issue with warm weather clothing choices, particularly in summer, so we advise that if you choose to wear tank tops or shorts to keep items to cover your shoulders and knees with you like shawls, scarfs, long skirts, or pants that convert into shorts. Where to stay in Termini & Esquilino. The view from the terrace overlooking the Piazza del Popolo is one of our favourite views in Rome. The Vatican Museum gets really crowded as the day progresses, so getting here early will let you enjoy it for a while before it gets too busy. Start in either the Colosseum or Piazza del Popolo and make your way to other. Thank you for creating this wonderful guide, you’ve made planning this trip so much more exciting! See our Code of Ethics for more information. If you can, go by foot. Your email address will not be published. I have a couple of questions if you have time to answer: with the Omnia pass do we have to pick it up – if so I prefer online the tourist card might be better as it’s all online. Spend the 1st of 3 days in Rome visiting it’s most popular places! My pleasure Branko, delighted to have been able to help and I am so happy you had a great time in Rome! If you book a guided tour, you don’t need to book a separate ticket or timeslot for visiting the Colosseum. No metrostops; several taxi stands, such as the one on the side of the Pantheon. Travel Guide: Rome in 3 days – What to see, where to eat and where to stay. Here’s a list of both Airbnbs and hotels that would be great to stay at while in Rome! Note that the Colosseum now operates a timed entry system as well, which as of 1st March 2019, includes pass holders. My advice if you want to explore Italy a little bit further is to visit cities like Florence and Venice. Whilst time has taken it’s toll on the Baths, they are still open to visitors. Have an amazing time in Rome and do let me know if you have any more questions, I will do my best to help! So this is a great question. There’s also a 20% discount on a number of other attractions. I am really appreciating all the information you are providing in your blog. With designers including Bramante, Raphael and Michelangelo, it’s a truly Renaissance building, and is a work of art in itself – before you even start to consider all the artworks within! Opening hours vary by time of year, you can see more here. When I chose the time for St. Peter’s Basilica my option was 1300 or 1500. I had a conversation with my wife as I wasn’t sure if 1300 was a little early. Hello! Alternatively, we have heard from some readers that the walk along the first part is a bit tricky, so you can take the bus a little bit further than the start point if you prefer. Here's an easy way to go about Rome in 3 days. We wandered around this area one day and it felt more neighborhood-y than some other parts of Rome, has good food, and is close to some of the major attractions. See their listings for Rome here. Laurence and Jessica Norah are the British-American travel blogging couple behind photography & adventure travel blog Finding the Universe and luxury / couples travel blog Independent Travel Cats. On my first day in Rome, I didn't have any tours planned and so I could cover quite a bit of sights on … Answer 1 of 3: My wife and I, plus our 1-year-old daughter, will be spending 10 days in Italy this September, with the last 3 days being in/around Rome. I’ve heard from folks in Rome at the moment that it’s busy even now, so you definitely want to be all booked well in advance. La Cornice Guesthouse — We loved this little guesthouse! The thought of trying to track down where to pick up a card seems like a lot of time to waste when you don’t have much time!!! Thank you. Please check your e-mail to confirm your sign up. I am about to purchase my Omnia Vatican and Roma Card so I can book my Colosseum time slot. So you will want to check back regularly to see when your dates become available , Just to let you know if you haven’t done yet, reservation for Colosseum with Roma Pass is now open up to June 2020. Those Romans built things to last! Some places do charge a small service fee or charge a little more for table service though. However, flying into Rome isn’t the only option depending on where you are coming from. THANK YOU! Time for a bit of fun! The Forum is open every day, you can see full opening hours here. As of 2019, all visitors to the Colosseum have to reserve a timeslot for visiting the Colosseum. This has been a designated public space since the 15th century, and is full of gorgeous Baroque architecture. We only recommend products we truly love, actually use during our adventures, and think you can benefit from too! Seriously, don’t waste your time in Rome standing in line. Don't miss out on our exclusive monthly giveaways with lots of fun travel and photography related prizes! Getting from each location to the next should be either a short walk, or a single bus or metro ride away. All in all, from the Porta San Sebastiano to the tomb of Cecilia Metella, you’re looking at about a thirty minute walk, with plenty of attractions on the way. These are ordered approximately by price, from low to high, but do always check prices for your dates as they can vary. This building, which has been standing for almost 2,000 years, is the best preserved Ancient Roman monument in Rome, and I dare you not to be impressed by it’s incredible dome, which even today, two thousand years since it was built, still holds the record as the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. To answer your question, the answer is yes, you can use each card entirely independently and you don’t need to activate them together. If you don’t know … Where to Stay. The majority of the attractions are already open, including the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museum, Borghese Gallery, and the Castel Sant Angelo. Thank you , Thanks very much Nicola! Written by Laurence Norah - 211 Comments. It’s also notable for being home to the graves of a number of important folk, including the painter Raphael and two Italian Kings. We’re Adam, Kathryn, and Kona, an adventurous married couple (+ pup!) We also have a 10 day Italy itinerary to help you plan further adventures in Italy. Trastevere is the place for you. Basically, it’s always pretty busy. Rome is probably the easiest city to get to in Italy. There are of course other options for tours in Rome, including all the tours on this page, which offers a variety of things to do from different providers. The biggest perk of Rome being such a bustling, big city is that the public transportation rocks! You’ll get to all the attractions you’re really going to want to see without spending time standing in line. 1 If you've only got 3 days in Italy spend them in Rome. Click here to find out more. Doors to the Vatican Museum open at 9am, so we recommend you arrange your entry for as close to then as you can manage. You don’t need to book a separate tour or purchase separate tickets for the Vatican, it’s all included as part of the pass. Plum Guide carefully curate their listings so their options tend to be of a very high quality whilst still being available at a range of price points. and learn something new everyday! We generally suggest checking review websites like Google Maps and Tripadvisor and trying to find places with good recent reviews. We've been running this site since 2010. Keep valuables concealed, don’t carry large quantities of cash, only use official taxis and so on. How to Save Money And Skip the Lines in Rome, Practicalities for Visiting Rome for 3 Days, please check availability on the official website here, includes skip the line access to the Vatican, guided tour like this which includes the Roman Forum, VIP Caesar’s Palace tour with the Colosseum & Roman Forum. Tickets are cheapest when booked well in advance, plus booking in advance will usually guarantee a seat reservation. I admit, Rome is a wonderful city to visit, but planning in all the attractions and avoiding those dreaded queues might feel a little overwhelming. Really the busiest times are the summer months. Just be sure to book your Coliseum entry time well in advance for whichever day you choose to visit, as June can be a busy month and the Coliseum can book up. The furthest reaches of the metro lines. Travellers from the UK on the Three network will be able to use their Feel At Home data, which is a great deal if you’re a regular traveller from the UK. But regardless of when you visit, you can still do anything on this guide and will have an amazing time! Schedule was perfect! Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter where we share our latest travel news and tips. In my experience the Vatican starts off quieter and then gets busier and busier. I am trying to book Colosseum ticket through one of the sites you recommended but am a bit confused with the tours and costings. Head to Centro Storico. If you have any photos or tips to share, we’d love to see them in our facebook group , https://www.facebook.com/groups/travelloversandphotography/, Hello again — What will we do? The food is the same, just the price is different. This vast bathing complex could accommodate up to 1600 bathers at one time, in a complex that covered over 62 acres. It was extremely clean and comfortable, and VERY affordable for Rome. For some options close to the historical city centre and all the sights in our itinerary, consider the following. The tours I link to should all include your entry to the Colosseum If you let me know which tour specifically you are looking at I can double check, but as far as I know entry is included with all the tours! Fairly comprehensive 3 day. Entry is not guaranteed with the pass – if there are no timeslots you still won’t be able to visit. 1) Do you think the 0900 Vatican Museum/Sistine Chapel & 1500 St. Peter’s Basilica would work out? The tomb has since been looted, and little is known about its original occupant, but the marble covered 36 meter high pyramid is the only one of its kind in Europe, and we think is definitely worth your time to visit. These last are a stairway of 28 steps, found in a building just across the road from the Basilica itself, which are said to be the same steps that Jesus walked up on his way to trial in Jerusalem. Want to keep up to date with us and our latest travel tips? If you can’t get a timeslot, your best option is to visit the Colosseum on a guided tour like this which includes the Roman Forum or this more value oriented tour. Both options cost €2 if you hold a Rome and Vatican Pass or Roma Pass. You can get this from, We highly recommend getting an internet plan for your phone or SIM card. I’m a bit confused. (St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museum & Trastevere) For years, travel guides have been directing tourists to visit the Vatican in the morning in order to beat the crowds. A little walk from the Trevi Fountain is the incredible Pantheon. Another thing to be aware of is that many museums and attractions are closed on Mondays. If you don’t buy a ticket in advance for the Colosseum, then we suggest you visit the Roman Forum first, as the queues for tickets are much shorter. We’d still recommend a tour if you want to learn more about what you are seeing, but certainly it shouldn’t be necessary. We also did tours with Context Travel, who offer very small group tours for the intellectually curious. Important! However, they can only sell same day timeslots for entry to the Colosseum, and in the busy months these are not available. A bus/metro ticket is valid for 100 minutes. The Roma Pass includes free / discounted admission to many of Rome’s attractions as well as a transport card for the public transport network in Rome. The other thing to be aware of is that for some attractions you need to book your entry in advance. At time of writing, booking one of these tours from home also saves you money on a future real trip! Always check with the official website for any card you purchase to be sure everything you want to see is included. Safety: In our many visits to Rome we’ve never had any safety problems although pickpocketing is not uncommon in crowded tourist areas. The Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel are included in the Passes with the advantage of Skip-the-Line. Anyway, thanks for your post!! If you buy your ticket directly from the official website, you will specify a time and date when you buy the ticket. As of March 1st 2019, even with these passes, you still need to reserve your entry time to the Colosseum. It’s also guaranteed not to be too crowded, as they only allow 360 people in at a time. I’m often asked in the comments on this post, and our other Rome content, where to go after Rome, and the best way to get there. As with many cities around the world, Rome has a number of passes that help you get free and discounted admission, as well as skip the line privileges at key attractions – including many of the above. The easiest way to get to these is to take the fast train service. One thing to note about this tour is that while you may sign up for a specific time, they can sometimes change the time of your tour (which happened to us–ours was supposed to be in the morning and it got moved to the afternoon), so you’ll need to be a bit flexible. However, it doesn’t include entry or skip the line access to any of the Vatican attractions, including the Vatican Museum or St. Peters Basilica, nor does it include the Rome Hop on Hop off bus. We could spend months there and still not eat at all of the best restaurants or see all of the sights. However it is certainly possible to do everything in this guide with 3 days in Rome. Your third and final day in Rome needs to be spent wandering through the parts of Rome that house some of the most ancient, important, and beautiful remnants in all of Europe. You'll also receive our once a month e-mail packed with travel news, travel and photography tips, and updates. There is a rumor that gluten and dairy sensitive folks can eat gluten and dairy in Europe. It’ll take forty five minutes to an hour to get to the Borghese Gallery from the Circus Maxentius part of the Appian Way, so you need to factor this in when planning your routes. To get the most out of the Omnia Vatican and Rome Card though, you have to be a little bit clever, and plan ahead. Thanks very much, delighted to be able to help. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. All four of us loved Positano and our favorite activity was… This is the world’s largest Baroque fountain, and is always a popular location – whatever time of day (or night!) In the first out of our 3 days in Rome, the aim will be to get comfortable with this pastel-colored city and feel what Rome is all about. Whilst you’re at the cemetery, which is a beautifully peaceful spot, do take the time to visit the grave of the English poet Keats, one whose “name is writ in water”, who died in Rome at the young age of 25, far before his recognition as one of the greatest English poets of all time. The important thing is to turn up on the right day. Rome, similar to Florence, has mild winters and warm summers. The other pass that is often recommended is the Roma Pass. We also took the “VIP Caesar’s Palace tour with the Colosseum & Roman Forum” tour, which covered the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, as well as the 1st century BC home of Emperor Augustus, previously off limits to the public. The difference is that one version includes skip the line access to the Vatican, whilst the other includes the Colosseum.

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