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is flora pro activ good for you

It is called “Heart Matters” and should be commended for having no adverts. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. A typical Western diet contains approximately 400-500 mg plant sterols, but little is taken up in the gut. But then ‘natural’ is rarely lucrative. NOt having been to medical school is a good thing! 2012-09-24 23:57:15 2012-09-24 23:57:15. The interesterified fats can be separated through controlled crystallization, also called fractionation.”. So, if too much plant sterol is consumed, human cholesterol falls. Flora ProActiv Expert with vitamin D for bone health is a 60 % vegetable fat spread with added plant sterols and Vitamin D. This Flora ProActiv spread contains the natural power of added plant sterols that help filter cholesterol from the body. and advised to return after Christmas for a retest . “as previously mentioned Flora pro.activ is proven to help lower cholesterol by up to 10% and an additional 5% when moving to a healthier diet and lifestyle in the general population.” Actually, not all this was previously mentioned. In spite of that, Unilever still advertise their margarine and other food products with high contents of plant sterols as “heart healthy” and now the British Heart Foundation is part of this scandal. As recently as July 2008 Quebec became the last Canadian province to repeal its law that margarine should be colourless).[ii]. I would be trying to see an open minded cardiologist/heart specialist who won’t just try to put you on statins but will try to understand what you could have inherited because cholesterol has got naff all to do with it. Do you know? In January this year I had 3 stents placed in my coronary arteries. What amazes me here is that none of you have been to med school or are medical Doctors,yet you seem to have it all worked out ?.The most logical thing here is not to spread any kind of oil or fat at all on anything,it’s a disgusting habit in the first place. They claim to be able to lower LDL by up to 10% without affecting HDL. One portion of Flora pro-activ spread equals 10g, and is enough for 1 – 2 slices of bread. A triglyceride containing three saturated fatty acids is generally solid at room temperature and not very desirable for many applications. − if you are breast-feeding.”, Pretty much most drugs have this warning UNLESS the drugs have actively been studied in those patient groups…….not just Lipitor, Pingback:Cholesterol - Good and Bad | Healthy body, positive mindset & home-based business with Jurga Proudlove. Approximately 3g daily can reduce LDL cholesterol levels by an average of 14 per cent within a few weeks– more than can usually be achieved through diet alone. We cook fish in butter – more stable. Hello Zoe, * It is available in a spread or as a mini-drink or milk. Good luck! Oh dear , I’ve been worrying about eating flora pro-Active for some time not knowing really what was in it .today i decided to find out some info’ and came across this wonderful article,I’ve been on statins for 15years and thought that giving up butter, although quite difficult would be better for me , not so sure now,! I am trying a new diet and hope to lower cholesterol so is this a good margarine? A friend of mine who used to work for the BHF told me that the staff (including non research/medicalstaff) can attend occasional lectures about heart disease. I found your article very interesting. http://heartuk.org.uk/files/uploads/HeartUK_Consolidated_final_2012_1.pdf Wish I had known that years ago. But hear me out. I don’t want to go off statin in case my cholesterol sky rockets and I have another event. Like any mostly unsaturated fat, it becomes less stable at high temperatures so if you’re really sizzling a stir fry you may want to use a more saturated fat, like coconut oil. Well done to you for looking into this further and asking questions. Even the patient leaflet cautions against anyone over 70 taking them, so make sure you re-evaluate at some time. By the time we’ve finished taking multi-vitamins, mineral supplements, vitamin D in our fat-free yogurt we will have topped up the turnover of so many vested interests at the expense of our farming community producing real food. While plant sterols have some benefits, they are not long-term solutions to anything and their use does nothing to encourage genuinely healthy eating. You may like to take him/her a copy of the 2012 Yoseph & Yoseph book “How statin drugs really lower cholesterol and kill you one cell at a time.”. Rearranging these tryglycerides with oils containing unsaturated fatty acids lowers the melting point and creates fats with properties better suited for target food products. I have even been in the garden this morning in all the snow flurries pottering about. Unfortunately I do have some skepticism about anything written by Dwight Lundell. The description on the label, “including sunflower oil” suggests that Flora is a mix of different oils. This is well worth the $18 – “Molecular Degeneration: The New Paradigm” available at http://www.fleetwoodonsite.com/product_info.php?cPath=40_274&products_id=9370#.URJqsaXtSRI. 07 Mar 2012. Benecol products are fortified with sterols and stanols which are plant extracts that prevent cholesterol being absorbed in the gut. I hope Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is not recommending the aforementioned unnatural process? Find out about our mission, and our team, here. Fish that live downstream from paper mills are routinely found to change sex due to exposure to sterol-containing effluents. Behind the label: Flora Pro-Activ. None of the information ever feature us and we are a fantastic group for a scientist with a pioneering spirit. Most vegetable oils in processed foods are based on corn or sunflower oil, high in omega-6 fatty acids. Flora ProActiv Expert Bones and Heart is rolling out across retailers now, with an RRP of £3.90. The leaflet states “Do not take Lipitor How can a company get away with making such false claims about therapeutic benefits. Reply (0) Report. The Ecologist is the world’s leading environmental affairs platform. As they are added to more and more foods, the chance of inadvertent overconsumption– and the potential health problems of this – grows more likely. 1.5 to 2.4 g of plant sterols daily can lower cholesterol by 7-10% within 2-3 weeks. That amount is supposed to lower cholesterol by 0.5% (the maximum you can lower it through using these products), so you dont need spread on top of the drink to achieve … Plant sterols can be derived from vegetable oils such as soya, canola and sunflower (this is the case with Flora). Like Flora Light, it can be frozen for up to one month and should be thawed in the refrigerator (not at room … I would say in retrospect that prior to getting my stents my diet contained a lot of things like sticky buns, pies, cakes and the like which is what I have thought may have cumulatively over a number of years led to my CVD. He’s just much funnier than I am :-) I don’t know about you but I assume that my body is making the cholesterol that it needs and a plant is making the cholesterol that it needs. A bit simplistic maybe, but is this wrong? The original Proactiv solution is probably the best choice for treating skin primarily affected by pimples. Penel. The ingredients which are supposed to reduce cholesterol… I wish this blog and message could get a wider audience. Do you care? The health claim should be twofold: a) this is not a bad saturated fat (tell them what you are not – don’t tell them what you are); and b) add some plant sterols and then ‘sell’ cholesterol lowering ‘benefit’. 0 1 2. Higher HDL cholesterol helps to balance out LDL cholesterol (bad). I feel so much better. Good grief I am off to have a slab of toast with healthy unadulterated BUTTER! FLAVOURINGS: Adds taste. Average renumeration (stated as no individual gets more than £60,000) £40,592.50. My doctor is pleased. While welcoming any attack on saturated fat generally, and butter particularly, the spread companies launch products called “Utterly Butterly”, “Butter me up”, “Butterlicious”, “You’ll Mutter It’s Butter”, “Don’t Flutter with Butter”, “You’d Butter Believe”, “You’ll Never Believe It, Believe It or Not”, all spawned from the original “I can’t believe it’s not butter.”[iii], There is nothing in the spread itself that would lower cholesterol (please remember we should never try to lower the body’s own production of cholesterol – but we’re working through this scenario to see what these spreads actually do). https://www.zoeharcombe.com/2013/10/how-statin-drugs-really-lower-cholesterol-and-kill-you-one-cell-at-a-time/ I felt so much better! The article seems to suggest the body knows what is good for it. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The body makes the cholesterol we need for repair – it’s trying to tell us something, not cause something! But for others, Proactiv just isn't effective. But as far back as 1975, research identified the structural similarity between plant sterols and the morning-sickness drug Diethylstilboestrol, another ‘weak’ oestrogen associated with birth defects and reproductive cancers in women. I have come across your article above and feel completely at a loss again. This is just another game by the drug pushers to get you to take lucrative medication for life. And what annoys me is that I took some nasty strong medication for the other condition after saying about how stiff my joints etc were…whta have I pumped into my system?? Isn’t it likely that the molecular differences between animal and plant sterols have a meaning? 250 people tried Flora pro-activ for three weeks to see if they could reduce their cholesterol levels. Hi Catherine – I actually said “OMG” out loud when I saw your hubby’s cholesterol reading and they want him on statins! Since cholesterol is the essence of every cell in the body, as we age, we need more to repair and protect. I have been post menopausal for 15 months and in the past few weeks I have felt sick, dizzy,ill,bloated,developed enormous painful breasts and now have the start of a very weak period after feeling ovulation occur! Hi Hussain I have just had the worst 4 weeks of my life with unexpected health problems and believe it all started when I started using Flora Proactiv for the first time in my life, combined with soy yoghurts & so called healthy Burgen Bread containing flax. At the age of 70 I am slim, fit and healthy with cholesterol of 5.9. You may find this post interesting too: https://www.zoeharcombe.com/2010/11/cholesterol-heart-disease-%E2%80%93-there-is-a-relationship-but-it%E2%80%99s-not-what-you-think/ The higher your cholesterol, the lower your risk of death – from heart disease and all causes of mortality. I have not…I have read and watched so much that I am determined to charge of this now. A) Because it takes a lot of cholesterol to make a healthy chicken. Sign up for our WEEKLY and MONTHLY newsletters - and never miss out on the amazing news and comment articles we publish, day in day out. I would like to know more about the process of producing margerine, and I would be really interested in talk to someone that could potentially show me this process. It’s one step ahead of the Lipid Hypothesis, more The Degenerated Lipid Hypothesis. the flora i have in the freezer is getting the heave ho, have decided to eat butter in moderation , and it does taste good lets face it . I've checked almost everything else before eating it and can't believe I didn't think to check this. Flora Pro-activ. One day the medical profession will be sued for what they have done – for people like you that day can’t come soon enough. It features a 13 year old girl who died from heart disease, and the footballer, Patrice Maumba (I apologise if that’s spelt incorrectly!). All around the world, health experts recommend that you should reduce your intake of saturated fats and eat more ‘good fats’ that is, Omega 3 and 6, which help to maintain normal cholesterol levels. I now eat lots of vegetables, lean meat, fish, nuts and fruit. You could approach Unilever or other marg makers but they are likely to want to know your end in mind before inviting you in. He’s now been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his knees, and I’m trying hard to persuade him that following a low-carb diet will reduce not only his weight, but the effects of the arthritis, too. We used to hear about hydrogenated fats and then we had partially hydrogenated fats, but whether or not the attempt is to fully or partially hydrogenate liquid oils, the process is the same. Re: Flora Pro-Activ Light Spread (healthy or not) Very misleading marketing again I don't know how they get away with all these exaggerated claims.The same goes for benecol the yogurt drink that is claimed to increase good flora in ones gut. However, I won’t be holding my breath!! Sounds like you and wifey are in for good times together :-) It is not a substance found in nature, it adds no nutritional value and there is no information on its health effects. Just one Flora pro.activ mini drink every day provides the optimum plant sterol intake for cholesterol lowering. Take a look at the truths about Flora margarine below: 1. Our great-tasting Flora pro-activ low fat spread is perfect if you want to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle and lower your cholesterol. Cutting sugar and brisk walking are the best choices you’ve made. Breastfeeding women? By the way, I love butter and really want to get off the Flora junk I have been eating for so long. I was absolutely appalled – how do they get away with stating so blatantly, several times, that high cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of heart disease when this has never been proved and as is now known, over a certain age you lower your cholesterol at your peril. (Links in the post above) and you need to know how Flora lowers cholesterol (also above). The margarine vs butter battle is one of my fields of research and your article is very helpful and clarifying. glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, … The blog showing that high cholesterol is associated with low heart deaths and low overall mortality has details about the functions performed by cholesterol and why it is so utterly life vital to humans. This may help you understand what’s been going on in your body: I’m a bit sick of the whole thing. But are they? If you had surgery or an injury, your body would make more cholesterol to heal you. 0 Comments Add a Comment. Flora Pro-Activ Light Spread (healthy or not) Just read an article in the newspaper about this product,that we both use regularly, basically its junk. The latest edition of Resurgence & Ecologist is out now, and available to buy from the Resurgence Trust website. [iii] “I can’t believe it’s not butter”, Marketing Week, (29 May 1997). }. My 79 yr old mum had an emergency appendectomy in January and lost about 20lb during the crisis. Cant eat more healthily .Wish I’d never had it done ! The British Heart Foundation (BHF) describes itself as “a charity that aims to prevent people dying from heart diseases”. I first saw the advert on UK TV screens in January 2013 – you can see it here. I have now gone back on a low dose of statin (10mg) and immediately my numbers are all great. (Why didn’t the BHF tell people this and not go near spreads?). My hubby is also on something called bisoprolol fumarate, and had the dose raised from 2.5mg to 5mg per day back in December by his consultant. But by focusing solely on the cholesterol-lowering ability of plant sterols, we may have overlooked some of the potential problems associated with their use. I am a BUTTER man because of that. After reading your article I have decided not to use these spreads at all. Flora pro.activ is claimed to reduce cholesterol levels by ‘up to 10 per cent’. My mum is 95 and my dad died at 90 so I should have good genes. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 3) This may help with the foods that ‘lower’ cholesterol. At time of the event cholesterol was 13 has been about 3 ever since then. Potato & Leek Soup, a fantastic starter this Christmas. Oh dear , I’ve been worrying about eating flora pro-Active for some time not knowing really what was in it .today i decided to find out some info’ and came across this wonderful article,I’ve been on statins for 15years and thought that giving up butter, although quite difficult would be better for me , not so sure now,!

Costco Party Platters Order Form, In Person Defined, Eat From Farms, Veekam In Tamil Meaning, Platters Near Me, England's Stove Works Smartstove, Rb Choudary Net Worth, China Town Restaurant Menu,

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