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digital society on open government

It requires … There is a decent argument to say that proactively publishing data (and indeed, reports) would help mitigate the rising costs of FOI as departments could point requests to where the information is already online. parency in the open government involves a digital transparency, based on open data [4, 6, 28, 34, 56] and the exercise of a funda-mental right, such as access to public information. For anything we think, plan, strategise, hypothesise or talk about to become real, we inevitably use a number of technologies. E-Government refers to the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as a tool to achieve more efficient government processes, higher quality … The Digital Society School is made by many of us. The OpenGov community consists of government employees and civil society members working in the the field of Open Government. cloud – current buzzword – presents some good opportunities but also a jurisdictional nightmare so tread very carefully. Citizen centric services is about having a thematic and personalised approach to service and information delivery. (book), OKFestival 2012: Open Data, Open Gov & Open Science in Helsinki, Public engagement: more customer service than comms, Citizen-centric services: A necessary principle for achieving genuine open government, ICT and Creative Industries Public Sphere, NSW Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, Cloud computing: finding the silver lining, Blog post by Pia Waugh on open government | Service Delivery in Government, Change, wickedness, being connected and thinking different, Creating Open Government (for a Digital Society), Internet, government and society: reframing #ozlog & #openinternet, Speech from Nethui on Open Government and Gov 2.0, Vivek Kundra and some lessons learnt about tech in gov, OKFestival 2012: Open Data, Open Gov & Open Science, Privacy and Internet Policy at Internet Governance Forum Australia, A temporary return to Australia due to COVID-19, A quick reflection on digital for posterity, Where next: Spring starts when a heartbeat’s pounding…, A temporary return to Australia due to COVID-19 | pipka.org, I did a blog post recently about this idea called, For an example of an online consultation methodology, check out my work on, more effective and efficient government – shared across departments, capacity to have whole of gov business intelligence and strategic planning, capacity to identify trends, opportunities and challenges within public service, internal measuring, monitoring, reporting and analysis – government dashboards – both internal and public reporting on projects, innovation – public and private innovation through access to data, service APIs – gov can build on public innovation for better service delivery – eg GovHack, transparency – need to build trust, what is the value to gov? Finally, I especially would like to acknowledge the past Society board members under the leadership of our past president, Dr. Sehl Mellouli. In my mind government provides a way to scale infrastructure and services to support individuals to thrive, whatever the circumstancecs of their birth, and facilitate a reasonably egalitarian society – as much as can be realistically achieved anyway. If you purchased a membership alone, and you have not received the access to the portal please contact us HERE. By making data appropriately publicly available there are better opportunies for public scrutiny and engagement in democracy and with government in a way that is focused on actual policy outcomes, rather than through the narrow aperture of politics or the media. It also means realizing a wider vision of relationships and business models that will redesign how public services function. In Proceedings of the 12th Annual International Digital Government Research Conference: Digital government innovation in challenging times (pp. The funny thing is the vast majority of people have little to no experience actually doing open data in government. Open government can contribute to our digital sector through: open data – esp cultural content for which we are custodians and esp the large quantity of data which is out of copyright; being great users of and contributers to digital technologies and the Australian sector; focused industry development strategies and funding for digital sectors But this engagement is largely one to one and, to some extent, is within set bounds (including scripts, etc). The OECD supports governments in designing and implementing policies by providing policy advice and recommendations on how to integrate these core principles into public sector reforms. In the 10 mins I had, I spoke on the pillars of public engagement, citizen centric services and open data, where we need to go in the open government movement, and a few other areas that I believe are vital in creating open government.

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