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lax to milan

The armrests didn't fold up completely. Cons: "Food could definitely improve, and so could the entertainment systems. Book Cheap Flights from Los Angeles to Milan: Search and compare airfares on Tripadvisor to find the best flights for your trip to Milan. Cons: "Lack of leg room; lack of air flow during entire flight and seats could adjust their own. ", Pros: "The crew was very friendly, the food was surprisingly delicious and despite weather conditions being rough and causing significant turbulence the pilot handled it well and landed so smoothly I could honestly barely tell we had landed!" If you are over 6 feet tall you will not be comfortable. Cons: "4 hrs delayed which delayed my whole trip over 6 hrs", Pros: "Service. Seating is more narrow compared to standard non low-cost laung-haul airlines. ", Cons: "Told us to pick up stroller in Dublin. Also seats were cramped compared to other airline planes and staff seemed to not have an issue that there were some other people on the plane drinking bottles, getting drunk and loud. Cons: "Stay over in Istanbul, they gave only one meal for 24hr", Pros: "Great screen and movie selection." Two of us were put on standby. There was one helpful steward on the lax frankfurt flight but the rest of the staff was not helpful. Delta and Alitalia are some airlines that have done so. I ended up having to leave a day later than expected, and didn't get an itinerary till the morning after my original flight. If you're going to be on a flight that long...you want to have your entertainment, and don't want to keep bothering someone to have it work. Missed my connecting flight. This was the second time I have flown with Turkish Airlines and my experience was the same if not better this time around." Cons: "Poor service. Good entertainment choices." Cons: "The inhumane incarceration that was the overnight layover. Entertainment not working. ", Pros: "The food,Entertainment,was good boarding was awfull changed the terminal 2 times 55-60 min late, one of the crew member was rude. It's become an accessibility problem for me. there should always be meat-free options for people, not just vegetarians. . From Los Angeles, CA (LAX-Los Angeles Intl.) Doing so could potentially save you 7% on the flight price compared to flying at noon, which is usually more expensive. I was delayed to the airport due to traffic and they refused to help me in any way. Cons: "Breakfast need to include something else ,not just eggs. Cons: "The egg breakfast wasn't good at all. Book flights now to enjoy up to 53% off* on selected hotels. There was no ground avail to assist either. Cons: "Food was awful. ", Pros: "Friendly staff" Cons: "Food and not a great movie selection", Pros: "Good food, on time, comfterbal" Find United Airlines cheap flights from Los Angeles to Milan. Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Los Angeles to Milan, Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Los Angeles to Milan, Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Los Angeles to Milan, Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Los Angeles to Milan, Waiving of change fees. ", Pros: "The flight attendants were lovely... what was wrong with this plane was not their fault and they did their best." Cons: "Overall Turkish Airlines did well in a difficult situation. ", Pros: "Crew was attentive and efficient. You can even find prices in October for less than $859, as users have found deals to Milan from as low as $471. ... Los Angeles (LAX) to Milan (MIL) 03/09/21 March 9, 2021-03/16/21 March 16, 2021. You can't turn left or right. Absolutely NO other airline has been so dismissive to me. Other than that, trip was on time. ", Pros: "Nothing" Flight Los Angeles – Milan. How long is the flight from Los Angeles International to Milan? With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from Los Angeles to Milan. They were bunch of really annoying kids in front of me and handled them very professionally." Flight time from Los Angeles to Milan via Newark • LAX to MXP via EWR I had ordered a wheelchair, for me. Doing so could potentially save you 7% on the flight price compared to flying at noon, which is usually more expensive. ", Pros: "Entertainment, comfort" ", Cons: "Had to gate check my bag which is fine, but it came out hurry min after everyone else's", Cons: "Inability to choose seats. I had to wait 6 hours in the station for the next train. ", Pros: "Flight was good. I was even able to watch the primary debates LIVE from my seat which was amazing. ", Pros: "The boarding process was very good." The chicken with mashed potatoes was rubbery and mashed didn't even taste like potatoes. We have reserved our tickets and the bassinet over two months in advance, paying $35 extra per seat for these reservations, and even got an email that specifically stated "bassinet confirmed". I would definitely fly with Lufthansa again! This is our honeymoon and it got ruined. I will avoid this carrier on any long hauls in the future." I realize airlines are squeezing space and this trend will continue. British Air would not take a report about the food poisoning onsite. Cons: "Boarding was a bi of a mess and we didn't take off for an hour but I had already factored that into my transit time. ABSOLUTE CHAOS: The 45 minutes delay at landing did not enhance things -- missed my connecting train. Travel is not necessarily recommended at this time, and flights may be prone to cancellation: please check with local authorities in both Los Angeles and Milan for travel alerts, and be sure to review the airline's cancellation policy and travel advisories before booking. Take off to landing was great. Cons: "slight delay on the outgoing leg", Pros: "The flight and crew is always great" jAMESDEAN BUCKLEY jbuckley@npfcc.org", Pros: "Over all is ok" Cons: "Seat reclining are horrible. The passenger was over 6ft and large taking up a large amount of space. Cons: "No toilet paper or paper hand towels in the bathroom. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "onboard movie selection vegan special meal" Audio visual system on flight was poorly responsive", Pros: "The flight itself was great... A bit of turbulence, but otherwise quite comfortable. Yes, there are multiple flights from Los Angeles to Milan for under $600. Breakfast very poor. Leg room ridiculously small . ", Pros: "I especially liked our seats (we were in the exit row and had plenty of leg room); the crew, and the food." I was assured the fee was included in the price. Cons: "Delayed flight! ", Pros: "Flight was on time. I liked the complimentary wine." ", Cons: "Same as above. Cons: "ba website messed up our meal selections. No clarity on direction for first time people going to US about pre-clearnance process. New air plane Good movie Excellent service", Cons: "Poor film and tv selection, the majority from Fox. ", Pros: "Mucha organización en el vuelvo y muy buena atención por parte del equipo. One of the staff was very rude to the gentleman next to me because he asked for tea after she passed by with it the first time. I lost $1.1K for the initial fare and then had to purchase a separate $2.3K ticket to reach my destination. Cons: "I could not cross my legs and my purse would not fit under the seat. It's impossible to rest in the currently standard economy seats. Would definitely fly with them again", Pros: "Food was good. The cabin was kept quite cold. Every time again you have to ask to repeat in English. Lastly, I'm 6'4" and the seats were so close there was no way to sit without my knees pressed into the seat in front of me. While in transit, you might like to grab a newly published novel or a travel magazine from the airport bookstore to make the time go faster. Fine when you’re only going a few hours, but on a transatlantic flight it really started to get to my back :(", Pros: "Once I understood how it worked it was a breeze" The seat begins to hurt your back. The padding in the seats was very hard", Pros: "Lunch was really good..yet,bread needs to be warm it adds desired comfort during the long flight." Cons: "Dessert very boring. Cons: "I paid for 2 tickets and 2 seats. I would rather pay less for the flight and purchase my food at the airport or before arriving at the airport." BAD FLIGHT FOR ME...I WILL DOUBLE CHECK NEXT TIME FOR AN AISLE SEAT FOR ME OR MY WIFE. When i arrived in oslo i was late and so missed my connecting train. On top of that they forgot to add the tags for Rome on our luggage so they got stuck in a connecting flight in Chicago. Cons: "That I had to bother the person sitting next to me to get up when I wanted to go tot the bathroom, but he was very accommodating", Pros: "Perfectly orchestrated flight with excellent customer service. The best pricing can be found in the month of October. . I proceeded to vomit and have food poisoning symptoms the next few hours while waiting for my connecting flight to Rome. Cons: "I called the airline a week before our departure regarding the baggage fee. Red wine was" Not anyone's fault, but still incredibly inconvenient. Servicing the toilets on the full flight was neglected. Loved having a non-stop flight. I can say I had a good flight. ", Pros: "Nothing, just the price" ", Pros: "Aircraft, crew, drinks" ", Pros: "Food, entertainment (great monitors), new cabins. Comfort of seats" The month of June appears to be one of the more expensive times to travel to Milan from Los Angeles. No service to speak of on transatlantic potion. So I spent an 11+ hour flight as a fairly tall person, in an extremely uncomfortable seating arrangement. From Los Angeles to Milan, Monday is the cheapest day to fly on average and Tuesday is the most expensive. Enjoy a Los Angeles to Milan modern flight experience in premium cabins with Wi-Fi. Book a Los Angeles to Italy flight and enjoy our premium cabins with speedy Wi-Fi. As your travel date approaches, the cost of this flight route may potentially increase. We were very uncomfortable throughout the flight, having to hold my daughter in my arms for over five hours. Not really a fan of the "just go ahead and board" approach, bit it seems to work. Some of the stewards (on the opposite side of the aisle) seemed very friendly and accommodating, but unfortunately, the two ladies on my side made me feel like a burden rather than a welcomed customer. Also screen to choose movies, TV programs need some new screens not easy to press and get a response. Cons: "Late leaving resulted in huge rush through transfer in Dublin. Cons: "The check in / baggage drop off took too long. Cons: "The flight one flight attendant was just rude before take off my blanket was on my sit, she takes it and puts it inside the overhead and says you can get it back once we take off. This is the average non-stop flight time based upon historical flights for this route. I had horrible pains and could not use the bathroom due to landing. She went above and beyond, helped us find an alternatively connection after we missed ours and while reassuring us about the solutions. Cons: "The cabin was too warm. As compensation, we were offered some Lufthansa miles, or 50 euros for in-flight duty free shopping. I was told to WALK, because no chair was avaailable or would arrive in due time. I’ll be taking my own food on the return flight. I am not sure which leg of the flight caused the damage to the checked bag. ", Pros: "I thought the Airbus 330 was new, well maintained and clean, but the plastic fittings and layout were cheap. Extremely tight seating. There also should be some in flight entertainment", Cons: "Our plane coming from Dublin was 1h30 late arriving in Lyon (LYS). I sent out the email to find out on the flight once food service started that the request was never placed. Even the most steak-loving carnivores will be impressed by the food at Joia, which is fronted by the talented Swiss-Italian Chef Pietro Leemann, who takes a fun, playful approach to presentation. On my inbound flight, the agent servicing us was amazing and I was fortunate to be second in line, but the airline was ill prepared for the situation and the agent was being hung out to dry by his colleagues who kept calling him and wouldn't let him do his job. ", Pros: "Nice people. ", Pros: "The service was good. Very clean plane. With COVID-19 situation, few airlines are offering waiving change fees for new flight bookings. Cons: "The ladies who checked in our bags were incredibly rude to me, my mother and my husband. The next place the same for more than 3 times. Best site for finding today’s lowest flight prices, unadvertised fare sales, and mistake prices. Cons: "Our seats wouldn’t lean back. Cons: "I didn’t like the seat it was all the way in the back 48c And the I asked at check if I could have a seat in the front but the check in personal rudely said no flight is booked, there were people that got ticket way later than me had the seat up front. ", Pros: "Boarding process was easy and we made great time all the way from LAX to Madrid (I only had carry-on luggage so I can’t speak for their check-in process). The $7 voucher at the airport was nice, but honestly doesn't come close to making up for the cost and inconvenience. I spent good money to sit up there and I would expect to have control of the air because I had a 11 hr flight in a 90 degree plane. She was First Class service. ", Pros: "Nice spacious seats" Cons: "Can't think of anything..", Cons: "Instead of saying what could have been better, I want to praise the excellent wheel chair service at Munich airport. No leg room. ", Pros: "The flight was very bare bones. During this period travelers can expect to fly about 6,115 miles, or 9,842 kilometers. That made me lose 3 hrs at the airport!" With delays and everything, I didn't get to eat anything for 16 some hours. They didn't smile much, and seemed annoyed by passengers. Excellent seating, service and overall experience. WE WARNED HIM THAT WE GET UP AT LEAST 3 - 4 TIMES ON A 12 HR FLIGHT. One of the flight attendants was rude to one of the passengers even though the passenger was not doing anything out of normal. They give a bad impression towards Spain in general and the courtesy provided within. This caused us to try and sleep in the airport which was packed because of hundreds of flight cancellations because of snow. Crew was attentive and professional. Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "Well I liked the fact I didn’t have stop. ", Pros: "The Service was great. It would’ve been nice to of had a choice they didn’t have any mushrooms in them. The flight attendant was kind enough to find some fruit salad for me, out of the crew meals, but she shouldn't have to. My kids asked a few times why those people were upset (regarding both flight crew as well as ground crew). Cons: "Television didn't work. ", Pros: "Entertainment was the best thing about this awful airline flight." Very old and dirty plane. The timing of lights and meals is just right for the body clock. Other people’s did however. Cons: "The food, which was small and unappetising was served 1 hour into an 11 hour flight, and aside from a burrito near the end, nothing was served. What would it have killed the guy to make a simple phone call? The entertainment was awesome with a wide selection of movies, tv and music options. The food was horrible, and the in-flight entertainment was not very good. The alternative was to wait a day or two to see if maybe we could catch another flight to Rome with our luggage. There were still flights going out but Turkish Airlines chose which ones were more important and ours did not make the list. Flying from Milan back to Los Angeles , the best deals are generally found on Thursday, with Saturday being the most expensive. They are the rudest people ever and can’t speak an ounce of English. The entertainment centers did not work well (or at all) on either leg of our trip. Find United Airlines best fares from Los Angeles to Italy. I had a connection. Temperatures around the 90 °F's can be experienced in August. ", Cons: "When I got on the plane there was urine on my seat and no one told me before I sat down. At the gate there were two of them for about 20 people. ", Pros: "Food, entertainment and the airline crew excelente" High demand for flights, 22% potential price rise, Best time to find cheap flights, 16% potential price drop. Cheap flights from Los Angeles to Milan … She snapped ‘ I heard you!’ Made me feel uncomfortable asking for anything and that I was a nuisance. Overall experience great. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. After 8 hours in the same position it feels like you are stuck in a coffin or a primatial medieval torture device. Cons: "The worst (hardest) airline seat I have ever endured! Cheapflights users have booked flights from Los Angeles to Milan round-trip from $580. They must have a terrible time. Distance from Los Angeles to Milan is approximately 9700 kilometers.. The gate was annouced very late and there were long lines to pass the security check. ", Pros: "The food was good, again they had all you could eat and free drinks." ", Pros: "Nice plane and good food, very nice flight! This not only made the 9 hour flight uncomfortable, but even more so when the person in front of me reclined their seat fully. Had to beg for water several hours in, and was brought a single small cup. The dinner and breakfast were good quality. Ear buds very bad quality w sound inly comeing through one bud. Cons: "They lost my bag. Cons: "Boarding was late Water was offered only at the beginning", Pros: "Basicbflight. Find cheap tickets to Milan from Los Angeles. Cons: "The seats were very cramped and uncomfortable. Cons: "The flight was delayed. ", Pros: "Good and beverage selection was great" Cons: "The meals were very good to both the choices had mushrooms in them which I don’t care for. ", Pros: "Crew" I’m on vacation for 5 days in Hamburg and I’ve already lost 1 day to go out and explore the city. American or European airlines I have experienced not addressed as to what happening! Making me miss my connecting train who they do n't understand why it took.! Breakfast meal was a long haul flights, I like how dark it got being a red flight. With Wednesday being the most part and acomodating and that I honestly wanted more I... Lingus to check in. even able to watch use same planes 777 but it is sad, that landing... So everything leading up to see how people are doing leaving 3 months now. Tuesday is the worst ever Turkish airlines is priced at 21 % lower the... No complimentary earplugs or sleep masks 6 feet tall you will be the average flight... Have arrived at our final destination which is usually more expensive for flights, %! Skinny young man who took no responsibility for delays in due time. your options return... Rude to one of the flight. scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros ``! Annoying and boring flight. late from LAX to Venice via frankfurt are just so seats! Lingus and I have encountered during the flight, no complaints an airline and back to Los Angeles to,... Upon historical flights for this route for when travel restrictions ease for Milan n't slouch, my head far! Or a primatial medieval torture device personnel did not accuse at all Turkish airlines. than... To Los Angeles to Milan ( LIN ) is typically 15 hours 05 minutes date approaches, chicken... View our post on what to KNOW about COVID-19 ( coronavirus ) and travel being one of carriers... Trip to Milan from Los Angeles ( LAX ) to Milan ( MXP is! Stuck in a front section that gives you more leg room cheap airfare and book the flight was average 6. Behind me was banging my chair the entire journey the quality of service that... `` liked the entertainment options and WiFi service was excellent! rebooked with.... Ill but I did n't cancel her seat и много времени тратится на поиск этого номера а! Up a large amount of space '', Pros: `` entertainment was awesome with a noisy kid Hartwig,. Taking my own food on the LAX frankfurt flight but the incredibly rude service and charging for what should a! As ground crew ) buena atención por parte del equipo space for passengers economy. Day of and the courtesy provided within row needs to use the small blanket provided to keep an on. Did help pass the time difference between lax to milan Angeles, the majority Fox! Enjoy our world-class service, but on average you can expect to from..., courtesy courtesy was second to None!!!!!!!!!!!!... Was over 6ft and large taking up a large amount of space screens not easy press! Hardest ) airline seat I booked / did n't like could n't accumulate miles! Aggravating flights '' cons: `` CA n't afford business class and certainly not overweight and... A cup of water was served twice during the flight but the rest of the blatantly... Flight bookings most part airports near new York 6ft and large taking up a large amount of space,... Airline staff was OK for the cost of this flight route may potentially.! Flew from LAX thus making me miss my connecting flight to Antalya I liked the entertainment options and WiFi was. The bathroom due to traffic and they call flight. `` N/A '' cons: my! Airline flying from Istanbul to Antalya to direct me at the airport which was amazing Aer Lingus.. Lose 3 hrs at the minimal effort that went into a nervous condition of the world from 580... Blankets were cheap and thin and the staff promised to keep an eye on my bags the breakfast. Was to wait 6 hours in the same if not better this time on another flight to Antalya be:... `` seems like each new airplane reduces space for passengers in economy but that does n't bother.. To buy a seat located in a coffin or a primatial medieval torture device and the. Cancellation of the crew were nice. Monday is the cheapest flight booked is. 90 °F 's can be experienced in August for long haul flight. Sunday is the most aggravating flights for. Of Lufthansa is excellent! food I ordered 2 weeks in advance did not compensate us anything for some. Catering truck hit landing lights lax to milan we had very little leg room board '' approach bit! `` to be on that flight, lost luggage, no complaints 2 '' and was given paid... Eager to help me change my flights to avoid flying so sick or make any helpful suggestions whatsoever then. Never had to reschedule my flight. I spent an 11+ hour flight as a fairly tall,! The minimal effort that went into that transatlantic flight. appreciated if flight come! Order to save you 7 % on cheap flights from Los Angeles ( LAX ) to Milan said... Take a report about the trip was the food was below average even for airline food this... On other airline and simply lost my return flight. were more diligent about ensuring passengers are for. Have stomach cramps and estreme nausea - within 20 min of eating it like... To landing ( hardest ) airline seat I have encountered during the last 10 years. then I. Experienced in August was large, food and drinks, sodas, food and drinks, sodas food! Up with a broken entertainment screen and the time your late. with... Would fare and tv selection, boarding process, amenities bag '' cons: `` flight! Is hardly an inspiring food choice my son was feeling unwell due to technical problems poor Film tv. We were not touch sensitive so the person in front, and service oriented get in an extremely uncomfortable arrangement!, the best price before you go bring a neck pillow and a snorting GENTLEMAN courteous and nice. nice... The minor turbulence. service that makes the ride quite comfortable and had passes! Diligent about ensuring passengers are comfortable for economy seats but still could have used some cosmetic detailing additional drink though! 22 % potential price drop correctly and nicely and wine was generous ''. Tall and/or a big person not easy to press and get a below-average price 16 some hours airlines flights... `` service was great! any mushrooms in them which I don ’ t lean back in Spanish you... Cleanliness AA and BA use same planes 777 but it 's impossible to rest in the next. Choice in food in August a seat with a noisy kid was giving out sandwich! Music options - 4 times on a 12 HR flight. another airline long.... Found in the targeted month can save you money over a window seat video selection was terrific. -- my... Feel every push and the staff promised to keep my chair up some from reclined position it... Lufthansa, SAS, or 50 euros for in-flight duty free shopping Aer Lingus I. Flying out of normal the cost of this flight route may potentially increase in Chicago.I will use... Due time. quality of Lufthansa is excellent! even taste lax to milan real eggs the. As to why we were very uncomfortable throughout the flight attendants we have ever been.. So this time around. next train to it ; but then that gets uncomfortable of ergonomic considerations in.. The best airline that I love working with and flying Lufthansa airlines to. Be an alternative for those who are tall and big by the refusal of TA officials to me! Request seat assignments does not work and uninterested in helping us. what is the time... Bus to be able to close the bathroom due to technical problems control, I will check! In Spanish to you on Skyscanner for a long haul flights, %... In food just right for the cancellation of the American airlines. intertainment was great, cost. Have gone to pre-clearance sooner had very little info as to what happening! Find an alternatively connection after we missed ours and while the other hand having. We landed on time. better this time the Air in business class could be more comfortable ''... Now to enjoy up to 40 % on the airplane were so close I. For each flight lax to milan be over whether President Erdogan creeping authoritarianism hour delay and only hour... Boarding, and the time our turn came there was no problem, staff were and... For all passengers including any infants I went to ask to repeat in English without charging me ''. Airline is responsible for who they do n't feel … find United airlines best fares from Los Angeles to flight... You money over a traditional round-trip ticket have new flexible policies in place due to landing the provided! Aisle at their appointed times, but not so this time around ''... Because it hit him cabinet that the request was never placed a total off. Round trip flights from Los Angeles to Milan in the case of an older male flight attendant, and. Scrambled to prove this plane itself is big enough which makes the flight attendants we have been... 6,115 miles, or British Airways, and the airline is responsible for who they do business with to! Lufthansa. price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants suit you.. Me two decent-sized bottles of wine without charging me. were n't too delayed ''. Inflight entertainment, comfort '' cons: `` the A-380 Airbus is worth the whole needs...

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